Women's Role In The Civil War Research Paper

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The Women Are Ready, So Is The World Since the beginning of time there has been an ongoing trend in human existence; that trend has been war. Wars over religion, territory, freedom, and many other causes which call for a fighting force. Men however have fought these fighting forces for centuries; but times are changing. War is no longer the brutal combat, which it used to be with swords, bows, and arrows used thousands of years ago, neither cannons nor muskets of hundreds of years ago. War, in this day and age has evolved so far from that the fact is almost unfathomable. The brute strength of men if not the only skill needed to be successful in combat. And as the rights of women have expanded greatly in the last century or so, their roles in the U.S. military have evolved as well. Women and war have always been considered to have little in common. As the gentle sex, women are traditionally associated with caring and with creating life rather than with destroying it. And even though women today do have the…show more content…
Most women that had an active role in the war served in traditional roles. They took care of farms and families while encouraging and supporting the war effort. Women served Soldiers more directly as nurses, cooks, laundresses and clerks. They also became members of the United States Sanitary Commission, the Christian Commission, and many other support-type groups in numbers unprecedented up to that point in the nation’s history. As in the Revolutionary War, women sometimes disguised themselves and enlisted to fight. It was relatively easy for them to pass through the recruiter’s station, since few questions were asked – as long as one looked the part. Women bound their breasts when necessary, padded the waists of their trousers, and cut their hair short. As in previous wars, women also served as military spies and espionage agents during the course of the Civil
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