Essay On The Differences Between Franklin And John Winthrop

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Although John Winthrop and Benjamin Franklin was both two English men who lived in the same continent, however, their philosophy lived in very different worlds. Winthrop was a Puritan while Franklin was educated by the Presbyterians. Winthrop and Franklin had different living style as well as their personal philosophy of life. Their three differences that could be distinguished between the two were religion, economics, and sciences. However the greatest difference noticed was in their religion. For Winthrop, a Puritan, whom established the Massachusetts Bay Colony, his aspect of life revolved around religion. He stated that there was a need for people to obey their governors and for the governors to obey God in order for the thrive of civilization. A more simple way to put by the…show more content…
For the Puritans, who have such a high influence in religion and in God, their science was meshed with religion as well. Winthrop believed that nature was created by God, and thus the Puritans' way of the science was more of an act of worship. On the other hand, Franklin was a discoverer. He wanted to find out how things work and how they evolve and end up. Franklin wants to understand the nature not the belief that God created nature ideas by the Puritans. He was always wanting to wander around nature while Winthrop was inside worshiping God. John Winthrop and Benjamin Franklin represented their time period. Although they were similar in some respects, they differed in many more. For example, their views on religion, economics, and science contrasted greatly. John Winthrop thrived with the Puritans and their belief in God, thus he became a leading citizen, including being elected several times as the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. While Franklin increasingly turned his attention to his scientific studies and to political activities, including his considerable role in the American

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