Essay on "The Awakening" Literature Technique

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“The Awakening” By Kate Chopin Kate Chopin uses many different situations and different settings in the novel “The Awakening” to get her points and aspects of the story across to the readers. Throughout the story Chopin also uses many different literary techniques and situations to explain the characters and their place within the story. Chopin seems to be very specific at points, but also very vague when brining new characters into the story and the meaning behind such characters. From the many different aspects of the story the significance of the ending of the novel seems to be the most important and most interesting within the works writing. Chopin seems to use many different themes and symbols throughout the story to portray Edna’s character and way of life that causes the many problems and difficulties for her. Throughout the 19th century the literary technique of realism was widely used throughout many works of writing and especially throughout this novel. Realism is a technique that focuses on aspects of the characters life in a common view, meaning that the writing is focused on a particular setting or depiction of a certain plot within the norms of society. Chopin does an excellent job of using her writing to get the reader involved in the characters life and the feelings of the character at any given point throughout the story. Although realism seems to be most common throughout the story there is also a touch of naturalism throughout select passages. Naturalism throughout this story involves the reader in the social structure of Edna’s family and friends. Throughout the story Edna’s character seems to use naturalism because she wants to be extremely direct when she is explaining herself to her husband and friends. We also see this in the depiction of feminism throughout Edna’s character and her fight to do what she feels is right even when it is
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