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English essay: module c, close study of text Briar Rose written by Jane Yolen 2588 6003 Responders engage with texts that have distinctive qualities. Write an essay discussing how the ideas, form and language are used by the composer to engage the audience. An audience will respond and continue to respond to a text if it is engaging, having distinctive qualities to set it apart from other texts. The text Briar rose written by Jane Yolen creates an engaging text through many techniques. These include form/structure, topical/subject matter, themes and characterization. Yolen uses text structure and form effectively to engage the audience. The composer has split the novel into three parts, telling the story from different personas. Home and…show more content…
These topical matters which Yolen has used are the holocaust, and the fairy-tale sleeping beauty or less commonly known as briar rose. Both these subject matters are well known in society and have had huge impacts on history. Being such well known subject matters instantly engages the audience as they are able to apply their knowledge and to make cross-links between the two subject matters. Intertextuality of any text will be intriguing and engaging as the audience is able to compare and to know the basic outline of what is to come, this could be considered dramatic irony. The symbolism of the holocaust is engaging as fairy-tales are always considered to have a happy ending but using such a dark topical matter which seems to have no happy outcomes is able to surprise the audience and to keep them reading as the audience is waiting to see the “Happily ever after” (pg. 239). Yolen has used topical/subject matter and intertextuality to great effect to produce a novel which is engaging and intriguing to the…show more content…
The theme of love is shown as both love between a family as well as individual relationships. This sense of love between a family is presented early on in the novel, hooking the audience into the characters continual representation of this love and the changing nature of it. There are many individual relationships in the novel, these include, Stan and Becca, Gemma and Aron etc. Sexuality is another them explored in Briar rose and is done so through the character of Josef. Sexuality is a largely debated topic in recent society; this engages the audience as they are intrigued to see the implications and general representation of sexuality in the novel. Identity, a theme which is probably the most important in the novel engages the audience as they wish to follow the continual progression of the story of Gemma while the main protagonist Becca is able to discover herself. Audiences are engaged by this theme as in recent times it is considered a pivotal thing to know yourself and is often searched for by many people. The audience may take comfort in the reading of another’s journey to find their true identity. Yolen has used themes effectively to engage the, these themes include love, sexuality and

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