Essay On The American Dream And Death Of A Salesman

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English 215 Both Wily from death of sale man and Gregor from the metamorphosis are men that feel worn down and exhausted from their jobs. In this essay I will compare and contrast how each exhibits the wear and tears of the working life and how it affect their families. By using sources and examples that discuss the America relationship with their jobs. Wily Loman who has been working as a salesman for long time. Started having bad luck and in order to dare with his failures in life, he started thinking about his past and it seem that he doesn't know what's real or fake in life. He try to relive the good old days he had in the past but the thing is that all wrong choices he made also started coming up in his mind as well. When his family notice what was going with his they try to help him by not telling him what was going on with their life and all the money problems they have. In addition, Wily lost his job after many years with same company. Gregor was a man who works hard to help his family for they can live well. Also he did not had any dream or goals in his life for he can go after. Besides he…show more content…
But what exactly is the American Dream? What does it mean to you? Is the American Dream still alive today? Are you living it? Consider what others have to say about the American Dream. Both stories show how the America dream give them the chance to be them self in life. Therefore, "In the minds of others founders, liberty is a way that all of its intrinsic risks was more desirable than material prosperity, if the prosperity was accompanied with despotism or collectivism. So strong was their desire that they were willing to give up the latter in order to procure the former for themselves and their posterity"(G. Edward Griffin). This quote explain how America dream can make a person strong, give them a desire to make there life better for everyone else in the

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