Young Carer Interview Essay

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Interview to Nelson the young carer A young carer is a child or young person whose life is affected by looking after someone with a disability or a long-term illness. The Young Citizen of the Year is the award established to incentive these young carers for their dedication to their family in order to raise the awareness of the group like them in society. Nelson, the new winner of the Young Citizen of the Year, who did tremendous effort in taking care of the whole family for his disable mother, was recently interviewed by us. Unlike other teenagers at his age, he has to be burdened with the whole family. Being a carer has totally occupied his life. He has no time to spend with his friend, and having a normal happy life like other teenagers at his age. The responsibilities to his family and the rough life he is getting through had made him more mature than his age. I was shock that there is no sight of naive and innocence that every normal teenager…show more content…
“There was a time when I could have lost my friend,” he said, “I kept making excuses about not being able to go out on my bike with him.” Nelson is a kid who has high self-esteem. He had internalized his worry and stress and he would rather solve all the difficulties by himself than ask anyone for help. At first he became a social outcast because of his erratic behavior and he even got angry with his friend for telling the teachers about the things he was going through. Sometimes he even truants from school and fails to finish his homework. But what he didn’t expected was when all his friends knows about his condition, they volunteered their time to help him when he was falling behind the school, and sometimes even help him with his mum’s daily care. Nelson was grateful for what they did for him, “Sometimes the hardest thing was keeping it a secret and being too proud to ask for help.” and now he is getting on well with his

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