Why Is The American Dream Important To Me

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Every person's American Dream may be different in scope, but the origins of everyone's dreams are all the same. These dreams are derived from the inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence that all men are endowed the Pursuit of Happiness. Although the American Dream is pursued by everyone, the American Dream is important to me because of the preservation of education, financial security, and freedom. In order to achieve the American Dream, you have to get a good education, and the education has to be affordable to everyone. Many immigrants come to America to have a better education. They want to have this education to obtain a better lifestyle and hope that this education will have positive effects on their American Dream. In America, the only state, so far, that has an affordable education is the state of California, but while they made it affordable to everyone it came with a cost. They could be bankrupting their state because of higher taxes, and in the mean time, the higher taxes are causing different people to find other affordable opportunities in the other forty-nine states. In short…show more content…
Immigrants come to America for freedoms that they didn't have in other countries. Some of these freedoms include the bill of rights, and one of the major rights from the bill is the freedom of speech. In those other countries, speech, sometimes, isn't equal among the citizens of that country, and when the immigrants arrive to this country their speech is as equal as every other American that lives in the fifty states. The American Dream is then enhanced by these freedoms. Politicians, such as Chris Matthews, are an example of freedom having an impact on their American Dream. They have the freedom of the press and the freedom of assembly to help them win office, and this helps their American Dream. Americans hold these freedoms to their extent, and they hope that this will help them with their American

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