Essay On Social And Economic Rights

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International principles on social and economic rights, though applicable universally, take into consideration the divergence of resources accessible to each state. These norms allow for the fact that complete realization of these social and economic rights can only be attained progressively in due course when adequate human, technical, scientific and financial resources are available, as well as through international cooperation, burden sharing and assistance in the form of development and other humanitarian aid. 3.3.1 Duties to respect , protect and fulfil rights All human rights, including social and economic rights requires, for their realisation, imposition of both positive and negative obligations on the States. An effective framework for comprehending the nature of the obligations imposed by social and economic rights is the duty “to respect, protect, and fulfil” these rights. The obligation to respect is a negative obligation which requires the states to refrain from interfering, either directly or indirectly in the enjoyment of social and economic rights. It also requires the state to respect the freedom of individuals to utilize the resources at their disposal to meet their social and economic needs. Further the obligation to respect also…show more content…
The obligation of a state to “take steps” is an immediate obligation. The notion of progressive realization of rights does not justify a state’s apathy for the reason that a state has not attained a certain level of economic development. Other immediate obligations of a state are the prohibition of taking any retrogressive step to limit a right, to prevent discrimination in the enjoyment of a social and economic rights and also duty to prioritize the most vulnerable in the realization of their
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