Essay On Should Assault Weapons Be Banned

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Congress should renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban Intro: One goal of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was to reduce the amount of assault weapons used to commit crimes. Renewing this ban will most likely lessen the accessibility of assault weapons and in turn, lower the violence rate. 1st:The less amount of access, the more difficult to attain- Assault Weapons were not intended for citizens to use as it posed a risky potential for violence, therefore decreasing the amount of citizens with access to assault weapons introduces another goal of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. One might argue that because these weapons can still be modified, sold, and bought on the black market by criminals and other mentally unhinged persons, it can instigate a threat among other law abiding citizens, thus prompting them to purchase them as well. With this I must bring up the case that it is not a legitimate reason for negating the resolution just because criminals will always have access to assault weapons. 2nd: Assault Weapons are unneccacery for home and self defense- Assault weapons already contribute to risks involving citizens…show more content…
I feel that sometimes when something becomes illegal, it almost turns to be something more coveted and may raise the demand of said illegal item. If we issue a sort of buy-back plan to where it is offered that one can turn in a assault weapon, or any weapon for that matter, we can potentially reduce crimes rates more than a ban may ever be able to do. In the 1997 Australian buy-back program, it led to a significant drop of firearm suicide rates of almost 80%. I feel that a buy-back plan a more effective alternative to the ban, and with a little incentive to hand in assault weapons, the crime rates could potentially drop, thus achieving the goal of the Federal Assault Weapons
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