Argumentative Essay: California Death Penalty

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Diana Penuela Professor Leano English 1A 10 March , 2011 Capital Punishment Currently in California the death penalty is allowed. Capital punishment lowers the value of human life and it is based on a need of revenge. It also sends the wrong message to our kids and society by asserting that violence is the only way out. Teaching that killing is wrong by killing creates a culture of violence because it is only based on getting back at the prisoner by using violence. Capital punishment does not deter crime; instead it increases the murder rate and there is a chance of error. Therefore, capital punishment should not exist in today’s society because it is an unconstitutional punishment. Capital punishment it’s not necessary and it is also unfair. There is a chance of error, you can execute the wrong person and later on find them innocent. Even though some may argue that death penalty deters crime, studies have shown that it does not. On the contrary, death penalty increases the murder rate since it causes the death of still another person. Execution cost taxpayers more than keeping someone in prison for life. Isolating…show more content…
Since capital punishment is an option in California and other states, innocent people can be executed, to later be found innocent. At least 350 people that were convicted during 1900 and 1985 in America were executed and later on they were found innocent. (“Should the death penalty be allowed?”). Capital punishment lowers the value of human life and it puts the lives of innocent in risk. How would you feel if your loved one was executed and later on found innocent? If you capture and execute the wrong person, you cannot bring the victim back to life. While if you capture the wrong person and put them in prison, to later on find this person innocent you can set them free. As you can see Capital punishment is not an effective
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