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In any profession you have a code of ethics you must follow to be deemed a good employee. Ethics refers to moral conduct (right and wrong behavior, good and evil). Ethics includes values, high standards of conduct and personal obligations reflected in our interactions with other professionals and patients. I think that ethics refers to what you should do, not what you must do. “Most professional codes of ethics are revised periodically to keep them consistent with the times.”(Bird, Robinson, 2011) Does Jerry’s medical training qualify him to issue this refill order? Why or why not? In Jerry’s situation, he does not have the medical training or authorization to issue or refill any prescriptions because he only has training in medical assisting and licensed practical nursing. Jerry knows that with his training he is not allowed to refill a prescription medication for any patient and has been taught this throughout his schooling. The only way Jerry would be authorized to call in a prescription for the patient is if Dr. Williams has left a prescription for refill for the patient. Valium is a very addictive drug and if the patient was to have a reaction to this medication and lived the doctor and Jerry would be in danger of a malpractice lawsuit and losing their licenses. If the patient didn’t make it…show more content…
The doctor is the only one who has authority to write the prescription. He can give his medical assistant authorization to call in a patient’s prescription, but they are not authorized to write any prescription for a patient even if the medication is for blood pressure. Normally a patient would see his/her doctor on a regular basis for any heart issues they may be having, so the doctor will usually only prescribe 6 refills and then the patient would normally return for a

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