Challenging Behaviour P1

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Currently we have a service user who displays challenging behaviour. A displays challenging behaviour in many forms from self injurious behaviour (SIB), targeting other peers and displaying challenging behaviour towards staff and members of the public. Due to the challenging behaviour that A was displaying we made a referral to the local positive behaviour support team (PBST) and Sense’s own behaviour specialist to see if they could help the team to deal with A challenging behaviour and to see if there were trigger to A’s behaviour that we were not seeing. After the PBST received the referral they made an appointment to come in to our service to meet A and spend time with the whole staff team. The PBST spoke to the team and through this was able to gain information regarding how A displays challenging behaviour, they looked at all the incident reports that the staff have completed after every incident. They came into the service ad completed…show more content…
Amalgation of two different professional (normally from different professional backgrounds) to offer services to public. Law Dictionary: What is PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIP? definition of PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIP (Black's Law Dictionary) Other professionals want me to be open and honest and for me to keep them informed of what is happening and that we work together. Funding Authority’s want us to provide the service that they are paying for. Doctors want us to follow their recommendations and ensure that the service user are getting the medication that they are prescribed, and that all referrals are followed through on. Working with professional partnership is a 2 way process we also want them to keep us informed of what is happening, notify us of any changes and keep us informed. C’s funding authority found a different service for C which he moved into, this new service was not for sensory impaired people and none of the staff at the new service could use British sign
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