Ethic’s Case Study

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Ethic’s Case Study Physicians are the only one that can fill prescriptions. The assistant, nurse of any other staff member are not allowed to fill the prescription for the patients. The physician has the ability to periodically evaluate the medications to see what changes will need to be made or want might work better for that patient. If any other employee prescribes any kind of medication to a patient it could be harmful to them. In the case study Dr. William’s has an assistant Jerry McCall. Jerry McCall has training as a medical assistant and has his LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Mr. McCall was in the office whereas everyone else was out. He was in the office and was the only one to answer the phone. When he answered the phone call it was a patient asking to get a refill on a prescription. This prescription was a controlled substance called Valium. Jerry is well aware that Valium is a drug that can be addictive and the only person who can prescribe this controlled substance is Dr. William’s because he is a licensed doctor. As Jerry is still on the phone with the patient he will have to let he or she know that because the prescription is a controlled substance and there are no more refills Dr. Williams will have to prescribe it himself. Jerry still wants to help the patient but as he still knows that he is not licensed to prescribe any medication to any patient. Even if the medication was for controlling high blood pressure or is as small as aspirin Jerry will still not be able to fill or refill and prescriptions. If any of the patients call the office for any prescriptions to be refilled, then Jerry or anyone in that office will need to tell the patient to call in ahead as to get the prescription filled before they run low or run out. In some cases the patient will still need to be evaluated to get a
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