Essay On Nursing Violence

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Nursing Violence
Jennifer Quan
September 19, 2012

Nursing Violence Violence in the nursing profession occurs far more often than reported. Nurses do not even recognize or acknowledge the violence occurring because they see it everyday. The American Nurses Association reported a study from the Emergency Nurses Association, which stated, “In 2009, more than 50% of emergency center nurses experienced violence by patients on the job. There were 2,050 assaults and violent acts reported by RNs requiring an average of four days away from work. Of these acts, 1,830 were inflicted with injuries by patients or residents (Emergency Nurses Association, 2009)(American Nurses Association, 2012). It is difficult to understand
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The patient was angry because she stated that the nurse was taking too long to get her a room in the emergency department. The patient began yelling obscene words and trying to attack the nurse claiming it was her fault. The nurse stayed calm, did not act out towards the patient, and stayed empathetic to the patient. There are plenty opportunities for violence to occur in the emergency department because it is a fast paced environment, there is a diverse crowd of patients arriving, nurses have a big patient load sometimes, and they are pressured to work fast. Sometimes other nurses start beginning to create problems between each other by saying that they are not moving fast enough or that they are lazy. I had an elderly patient at a nursing home clinical site scratch my chest because we were trying to help her change into her clothes. The patient was angry and she was trying to hit and scratch everyone in sight. We tried to talk to her calmly and diffuse her unknown anger towards us. The patient eventually calmed down but then had to be put in wrist restraints for the violent behavior. An incident report had to be filled out for some injuries she caused to me and the other staff members that were trying to control the situation. There would not have been another way I would have handled the situation because we did all we could but the patient continued to be violent. We did not let the

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