Adult Serious Case Review – Winterbourne Hospital

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Adult Serious Case Review – Winterbourne Hospital Winterbourne View Hospital was a care home in Hambrook, South Gloucestershire, England, caring for adults with learning disabilities and Autism. The Hospital was owned by a company called Castleback Care Limited; they had 24 beds and received a large amount of funding from the NHS to support people with leaning difficulties and their families. They assisted in the day to day running and challenges facing patients wishing to stay in their own homes. A nurse called Terry Byron was employed at Winterbourne Hospital and having reported abusive behaviour to the managers with no action. He decided to speak up as he was not happy with what was going on. He decided to write to the BBC and with their help, placed hidden cameras around in the hospital to record what was happening. On the 31st May 2011 BBC’s Panorama T.V programme aired revealing evidence of staff abusing patients. The abuse included staff slapping and hitting patients, with some pulling them to the floor and having chars placed on them so they couldn’t move. Some patients were also made to shower with their clothes on. The program un-covered serious abuse within the Hospital and there was a public outcry. Several people wrote to the Prime Minster who was reportedly “appalled” by the findings. The national regulator Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) involvement, Ms Margaret Flynn was asked to investigate what was happening at the Hospital and undertake a Serious Case Review. Whilst investigating she spoke to patients, workers, NHS staff and family members and learnt that there was a high level of physical intervention by the staff and some of the patents very badly hurt with some seen to be self-harming. In some cases this had led to them being taken to Accident and Emergency and the police being called. She found that some patients would run away and

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