Essay On Nature's Role In Frankenstein

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Nature’s Role in Frankenstein A monster in isolation, a creator in torment, and nature to bind the two infinitely. Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel Frankenstein, involves the use of nature to mirror the characterization and mood of the characters. By the use of Mother Nature, Mary Shelley personifies the relationship between the character’s moods to the weather and setting of that scene. Victor Frankenstein's urge to explore the secrets of nature, marks the beginning of his end, "I have always described myself as always having been imbued with a fervent longing to penetrate the secrets of nature" (34). He goes on to create this horrendous monster in which he shuns and it is left alone to its isolation. So the beast if often presented in the wilderness,…show more content…
She is pleasant and warm, Victor feels happy when bathed in her glow of love like the glow of the sun’s rays. When she dies it rains reflecting Victor’s mood as his sunshine is taken away and all that remains is miserable, gloomy and dank, like the weather. Then, Victor is found in a raging storm, reflecting the confusion and uncertainty of his mood. He is being swallowed up in this raging torrent, much like his feelings at what is and has been happening. The last chapter sees them in a pure and flat snow plain. This is a very beautiful use of nature to reflect the mood as the "showdown" between the characters happens. Snow is pure and untouched, almost innocent, reflecting the true nature of the beast. It is an innocent victim that has been turned into a monster. Snow marks easily, it will show any blemishes, it does not lie and you cannot hide in it. This is reflecting the mood of the characters as they have come so far they are now almost blank in mood. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was the pioneer in Gothic novels. By her use of nature in her writing, she opened the doors for all future writers. Shelley uses nature as her settings and inspiration of how the character’s mood is in that scene. In her writing, she uses Mother Nature, to personify the relationship between the character’s moods and to the weather of a
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