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Thoreau-Observation Paper Living through a harsh winter in Northwestern Ohio, one may find themselves enveloped in a grey cloud of depression and lethargy. Nature, however, has a gentle way of reminding us that life, and the emotions we experience during it, are on a continuously changing path. Just like the sleeping stillness of winter is eventually replaced with springtime’s bursting buds of colorful new life, so too are the dark times in our life exchanged with those of great hope and joy. By closely monitoring nature’s every changing seasons one can be reminded that like our state of mind and emotion, nothing lasts forever. Watching the frantic flurry of snowflakes falling forlornly onto the cold frozen ground, I wondered if the sun would ever shine again. Looking out onto my backyard, I noticed an…show more content…
Singing songs of revelation the birds chirp and chatter happily once again on the tree branches, A look upward reveals beautiful baby blue skies with puffy cream filled donut clouds waiting for all to enjoy. Sounds of life once again begin to be heard. Neighborhood dogs chase each other playfully around the yards and bark loudly for all to hear at the stray rabbit who happens out of the tall fields and into the short grass of the homeowners. Quickly hopping back to the safety of the shrubbery of the field, the rabbit escapes the chaotic noise. Just like the barking dogs, it is hard not to shout for joy when you accomplish something great. After careful observation of nature, I realized the striking similarities between what I had seen and what I had felt. Nature it seems mimics life’s emotions. For example, the blanket of snow on a winter day chilled my heart and soul and reminded me of times when I felt lost and alone. However, time marches on and so too do the emotions of my life. For spring always follows winter and hope is never farther than a day

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