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Mr. Governor of the State of Confusion This is a memo on if juvenile sex-offenders Should be treated as adults in the criminal justice system? In many states, youth sex offender statutes require youth to be tried and sentenced in the adult criminal justice system. Research shows the ineffectiveness of these approaches and that youth would be more appropriately served in the juvenile justice system. Here are some key facts about youth sex offenders. Youth sex offenders are statistically less likely than are both adult sex offenders and juveniles who committed non-sex offenses to re-offend 1. The National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY) reports that only 5% to 14% of juvenile sex offenders re-offend (compared to approximately 40% of adults, as reported by the Bureau of Justice). The re-offense rate for sex offenses is substantially lower than are the recidivism rates for other adolescent delinquent behavior, which range from 8% to 58%. 2. Studies demonstrate that treatment center staff members accurately identify offenders who show a low risk of re-offending, but inaccurately over identify youth as being at-risk or likely to re-offend by classifying many offenders who never recidivate as at-risk for committing future offenses. 3. Youth…show more content…
Problems with treating youth sex offenders the same as adult sex offenders .Compared with youth committed to a juvenile facility, a child sentenced to serve time in the adult system spends his/her formative years in a prison environment where he or she is: twice as likely to be beaten by staff, 50% more likely to be attacked with a weapon, and nearly eight times more likely to commit suicide. Treating youth in the juvenile justice system rehabilitates them more effectively, reduces recidivism, and saves taxpayer money. (Ryan, Leversee, and lane ) Age of consent laws can unfairly criminalize adolescent behavior. Almost all sexual behavior by children who are below the age of consent is against the

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