Essay On Harlequin Ethosis

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Harlequin the augury of the fetus By Lulu and Elizabeth Guerrero “Do you know…that the sky next to the tragedy is a clear blue sky emitting the comfort of reassurance to those who looked upon on it in the midst of catastrophe…”-Lulu Imagine that you're a newborn baby, barely coming out of your mother's womb, waiting to be held by your beloved mother but as soon as you came out off the uterus, the doctors immediately rushed you to an incubator-an enclosed apparatus to keep you in controlled conditions for protection against any harmful infections- before your mother even got to see you. Such incidents were a real-life challenge for Stephanie T., who suffers from a skin condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis, was living like a live ‘little mummy’, wrapped up in bandage to protect her body against any invading foreign agents.…show more content…
‘The ABCA12 gene takes a major role in producing proteins for normal development of skin cells therefore altering the gene can prevent the cells from making any proteins, thus, the failure of functional ABCA12 protein leads to the disorder of ‘normal development of the epidermis, resulting in the hard, thick scales characteristics of harlequin Ichthyosis’. Harlequin Ichthyosis is not a common skin condition, however, ‘in order to show the disorder, the individuals must inherit two recessive genes, one from each parent, but the parents show no signs’. The symptoms are tightness of the skin in the chest resulting difficulty in breathing, hands and feet are swollen, dehydration and the ears are merged together with the head by the thick
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