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What is it that people like about Walter Dean Myers? Like Fallen Angels he writes about interesting things. Fallen Angels is a great book, but most people don’t understand the meaning and importance. He talks about the hardships of war & how it affects the characters lives emotionally and physically. Walter also gives a first person point of view of facing war as a young man, and how o cope with deaths and tough struggles. In my eyes there are allot of harsh events that take place in the book. Richie experiences soldiers dying during a mission. “I couldn’t think of her wondering why I didn’t do something, why I didn’t save him.” In the quote it states that Richie witnessed his team member die in front of him, and then he thought about his member’s family and mother and how she felt about her son’s death. Secondly, while everyone was sleeping they all got woken up by choppers early in the morning. “The sound of the choppers woke us up in the morning” Peewee quoted. Richie and his team where…show more content…
Richie has horrible flashbacks and memories of the hardships in war. “Perry got sick and had a disease for a couple days.” Perry caught some kind of disease and people called it “cooties” he was out recovering for several days. Secondly members of the war got wounded some more badly than others but everyone at a time had some type of battle wound. “Separation from the crew ended in people getting injured.” It was a poorly planned mission they got split up. Fallen Angels has one main theme and that is the reality of war and the struggles that come with it. In the book there are many tragic events that come up, the war, effects on war and the deaths you have to learn to deal with. They all experiences allot of brutal moments and deaths. All of the events that take place just make their lives that much harder to deal with. People don’t realize the true meaning of the book Fallen Angels and the story and moral behind

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