Why Do Generals Die In Bed

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Generals die in bed —— The soldiers are heroes,do you agree? Generals Die in Bed by Charles Yale Harrison is a novel of the Great War, which was first published in 1930. It is a first-person narrative by an unnamed 18-year-old Canadian soldier about his war experiences from the time he leaves Montreal to the battle of Amiens. In this novel, the soldiers’appearance described by him is also completely different from what we used to think which are brave warriors,instead,they are extremely unbearable as people do not except and certainly they are far away from the standard of hero—brave,strong,justice,tough,and takes responsibilities. Firstly,they are not heroes because most of them are still very young and Inexperienced.America did not get involved in WWI,but some young American were still willing to join the war,so they just joined the Canadian army to make this.In addition,with some irresponsible propaganda,the war was described like a big adventure which attracted numerous young people to join in,they thought it would be very fun and cool to join the army and fight…show more content…
The quote“He doesn’t need it anymore.” clearly describes this case. To conclude,the horror of war is a vital theme and is characterized through many challenges the narrator encounters in the novel.The horror of war is portrayed throughout the novel through things such as having a perpetual fear of the unknown, the psychological effects of war, and conclusively: death.In this way,Harrison successfully shows an unheroic image of soldiers to the readers and makes the readers review what they used to think about the
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