Essay On Doping In Sports

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According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary (1), Doping is the illegal use of drugs or substances to improve athletic performance. These drugs used aid fast recover, harder training and also helps build muscles (2). Although the benefits seem attractive, the side effects are cannot be over looked. Kidney damage, increased aggression, low sperm count in men and deepened voices in women are to mention but a few side effects of the drugs(2). Doping is not new to the world of sports as it has been dated back to the 19th century, however, in recent times, the rate of doping in sports has increased among professional and amateur players. In colleges and high schools, which has reflected poor sport education, lack of responsibility and accountability in sports management. An instance is a Welsh athletes in the UK that is presently serving drug ban. Rugby player Ross Bevan has been banned for two…show more content…
Advancing technology created new opportunities for research into sports. It is now possible to analyze aspects of sports that were previously out of the reach of comprehension. Recent study shows how such a potential company Novotech has created new equipments called Cryosaunas. Cryosaunas (also known as cryo-cabins and cryo-chambers) are designed to hold general cryotherapy (cryo-stimulation) sessions, during which extremely low temperatures, varying from -130 °C to -180 °C, act on patient's body. Course of cryotherapy procedures stimulates restorative mechanisms in the human body thereby helping the latter to fight against inflammation. You get relief from different types of pains. Scientific studies have proved that as a result of cryotherapy sessions, that the blood lipid profile improves substantially, which significantly reduces the risk of stroke and myocardial
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