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The state and federal correction system Name Institution Date of submission Introduction Sentencing refers to the judicial determination of a legal sanction to be imposed on a person when found guilty of an offence (Ashworth, 2005). It’s one of the several stages of the criminal justice system which include crime prevention and maintenance of order, detection and enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, sentencing and administration of sentences. Punishment on the other hand refers to the infliction of a negative or an unpleasant experience on the offender in response to tan offence committed (Sorensen & Don, 2002). Punishment of crimes that can be heard on both state and federal levels can be different even though the crime may be the same depending on the sentencing guidelines. The different types of sentences have various objectives and impacts to the state. Determinate versus Indeterminate sentencing Determinate sentencing is the sentencing of fixed terms. The offenders are eligible for release upon completion of time served. If the offender is sentenced to 10 years, under determinate sentencing there is no chance of early release or parole. On the other hand, indeterminate sentencing is a…show more content…
Both the federal and state correction systems should ensure that they execute the legislative and judiciary considerations in legal sanctions of offenders. The correction systems objectives should also be achieved so as to uphold the integrity of the criminal justice system. A balance should also exist between the determinate and indeterminate sentencing models. Both the state and federal legislation should have a clear cut of the offences which should be sentenced under the distinct model. In some crimes offenders are not eligible to be released or their cases heard by a parole board, the judge’s sentence should be

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