Essay Comparing Frankenstein And The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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Ma’Kyah Jones Faubel British Literature 1 19 March 2014 What makes a man a monster? What makes a man a monster? To most people, a monster is a creature, usually found in legends, that is often grisly and may produce fear or physical or physiological harm by its appearance and/or its actions, but in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray each story presents its own perception of the creation process pursued by different creators and yielding different creations. Victor Frankenstein is propelled by pride, scientific curiosity, and the hope of healing the human faults to build a creature out of body parts that becomes so ugly in life that no one can treat this monster with anything but fear and rage, and artist Basil Hallward and philosopher Lord Henry Wotton take under their wing the young,…show more content…
In each case, these monsters come from faulted creators that will not or cannot take the necessary action to see their creations through to success. These creations become monsters because they have no choice, yet if the creators are truly responsible for the beings to which they give life, does that not make them the monsters? Although some critics say that the monster Frankenstein has created in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is the blame for the destruction and rampage that follows the experiment, it is Victor who is the guilty party. First, Frankenstein, being the scientist, should have known how to do research on the subject a lot more than he has done. He has not thought of the consequences that may result from it such as the monster going insane, how the monster reacts to people and things, and the time it will take
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