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Contemporary U.S. History Assignment 2.2: Policemen of the World Final Paper This paper explores the manner and the consequences that the United States faces for military intervention in countries abroad and the controversy these actions have generated for the United States and other countries. To further explain, we are looking at actions taken “when the safety of Americans is not directly threatened but where action can be justified — in the case of genocide, humanitarian relief, regional security or economic interests” (Cooper, 2011). We will look at how the United States justifies the lives of countless American soldiers and dollars to interfere in countries where we, the Americans are not welcomed, by providing military power and weapons to those countries. We will see what has…show more content…
In other cases, the state lacks the capacity or will to take action. And it’s also not possible for America to simply deploy a team of Special Forces to capture every terrorist. Even when such an approach may be possible, there are places where it would pose profound risks to our troops and local civilians -- where a terrorist compound cannot be breached without triggering a firefight with surrounding tribal communities, for example, that pose no threat to us; times when putting U.S. boots on the ground may trigger a major international crisis.” (President Obama, 2013) There are several international events in the past that can be traced back to a foreign policy created after the Civil War. * Platt Amendment of 1901, which allowed the U.S. to militarily intervene in Cuba whenever revolution threatened, would be one of the earlier actions that serve as an example of the U.S. interfering when we were not wanted. There was a lot of resentment from Cubans because they argued that it took away their independence. (Schultz, 2012,

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