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Lab: Enzymes Experiment 1: Effect of pH on Enzyme activity Date Objective: To study the effect of pH on enzymatic activity. Material Required: 1. Catalase enzyme 2. H2O2 3. Scaled Beaker 4. Dropper 5. Acidic solution 6. Basic solution Hypothesis “Does change in pH affects an enzymatic activity”? Testing of Hypothesis Enzyme may get affected by various factors. pH is also one out of these? It could be analyzed via induction of change in pH condition via addition of different acid and base in reaction mixture. For instance, in the reaction mixture of catalase with its substrate such as; H2O2. The reaction of Catalase enzyme on its substrate might be represented as follows: H2O2=H2O+1/2O2 If pH will affect its activity then due to change in O2 production the level of foam would also change. Data Collection Data might be collected via measurement of the level of foam in the scaled beaker. Table 1: Effect of pH on Enzyme activity Tube | pH | Level of foam (in mm.) | | | 1 | 2 | 4 | | | 2 | 14 | 1 | | | 3 | 8 | 102 | | | Data Analysis Data analysis may be done via finding a relation between changed pH condition and level of O2 produced in this way. Result According to the data, there is reduction in activity of enzyme in acidic (pH = 2) and highly basic condition (pH = 14) due to less foam (means less O2) production. But, at slightly basic condition (pH=8) the activity of enzyme is highest. Graphical Representation Enzyme activity (y axis) depends on value of pH (x-axis) hence, there might be observed a point in graph where the value of enzymatic activity is maximum. O 8 Discussion The impact of pH on enzymatic activity might be due to change in the ionization of amino acid residues and disruption in the

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