Environmental Current Events

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In terms of current events as it applies to the psychological aspect of humans, almost any situation can apply to human behavior. The environment in human perception varies by culture as well as region, and be a clue to how or what situations cause behavioral changes. While human behavior adapts to the environment, one perspective lives within the various media presentations around the world (Forte, 2002). Media not only has the power to control society, but it also has the power to create fear among many human behaviors. Analyzing current events may present answers to how or why media plays a role in environmental psychology as well as behavioral concepts that develop from its use (Forte, 2002). The relationship between Environmental psychology and human behavior can be understood by viewing current events form a global perspective (Forte, 2002). This is done by presenting mass media coverage on stories that are designed to gain world view, and often affects various cultures in many ways. An example of this would be food shortages in third world countries (Forte, 2002). While it would be typical for peoples of the world to ignore the happenings around them in terms of starvation, the media brings this reality to the global living room (Forte, 2002). In this way, the cultivation of ideals and unity are sparked. Media uses the common knowledge of culture, religion, and commonly basic human traits to manipulate or play on sympathy. Sympathetic thoughts from a cross cultural aspect can help put aside differences between cultures (Forte, 2002). For example, one ongoing current event is starvation in Ethiopia. For many years Ethiopia has experienced a rash of famine, and war. Stemming from the 1980’s movement to feed the world, the media has been able to manipulate sympathy from various countries in an attempt to raise money to help starving families in this area of
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