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Entertainment Today Over the years, Movies and television shows have changed drastically in response to changes in our views, likes, what we value and what entertains us. My essay is based on the ways entertainment is different today than it was in the past. Today, movie producers are more concerned about what they think viewers want to see rather than what they believe movies should be about. For example, a movie producer may decide to produce a romance-comedy instead of a biography of a historical figure according to viewer interest. Producers are constantly trying to find out what viewers are interested in so that more people will want to see the movie. These days, producers care more about how much money the movie makes than what the public actually think of it. Movies today often have more violence and fewer movies are created with children and families in mind. Not only have movies changed over the years, television has changed as well. Television has changed also. It has become more predictable and dull because most of the programs are so similar. Watching TV, you can hardly change the channel without seeing another reality show or talk show or home renovation show. In response to likes and interests of today’s viewers, varieties of TV programs have become narrower. For example, in the past few years, more and more reality TV shows have been showing up with Each concept more bizarre than the last. Society has become more entertained by certain things. When this is reflected in media, it makes entertainment more repetitive and tiresome. Styles or bands or celebrities that contribute to people’s lives and influence our likes and dislikes have an affect entertainment when the people who provide us entertainment pick up on what is and isn’t popular. They then make movies and shows and write books and magazines based on these subjects and the minority
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