Entertainment Industry Structure and Relationships Essay

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ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY STRUCTURE AND RELATIONSHIPS Introduction: The entertainment industry is a collection of sub-industries which provide products (both tangible and intangible) who’s primary purpose is engaging or captivating an audience, providing opportunities for social, leisure and cultural experiences which one may not experience every day. Entertainment Industry Structure & Relationships : The entertainment industry comprises many individual sectors, including; Staged story (including Straight theatre, Ballet, Opera and Musical theatre) and variety shows; concerts; cinema and film; broadcast media; audio-visual media; the internet; gaming; printed media; spectator sports; edutainment; cultural celebrations; adult entertainment and theme parks. The above industries provide numerous products and services. These services and products can be tangible and intangible. For example; the film industry is a multi-billion dollar industry delivering films for release in cinemas and home entertainment. The Music industry produces recorded music and live concerts. Broadcast media is the distribution of audio and video via means of Television and radio is a very large and important section of the entertainment industry, reaching billions of viewers world wide. Staged story provides patrons with engaging immersive live experiences. Spectator sports is another large industry providing entertainment to the masses. The sport event as a whole in addition to pre-game and half time performances. Theme parks are popular world wide, providing a totally immersive experience. Parks such as Disney Wold provide interactive rides, live entertainment, staged story, gaming, display films, and even venture into Edutainment in their Epcot park, bring together all the above stated into an educational experience. There are organizations in Australia who are

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