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New York City has been through a tragedy in the past few years. The 9/11 attacks has made a giant impact on the United States. In spite of that event, Los Angeles is a famous city just as well as New York; they have many similarities and differences based on topics such as location, population, climate, history, and activities. Firstly, New York City is located in New York State; it lies on the Hudson River, and has a population of 18 million people. Los Angeles is located in California with a population of 3.5 million people. These two cities are on opposite coasts, New York is on the east and Los Angeles is on the west, with that fact it is clear that these cities have different temperatures. In the summer, New York City can reach from 70-90 degrees, and Los Angeles can reach from…show more content…
In addition, both cities are "big" on sports; representing New York City's baseball teams are the New York Mets, and the well-known New York Yankees. The basketball team is the Knicks, and last but not least the football teams are the Giants the Jets. Representing Los Angeles baseball teams are the Dodgers, for basketball it is the Lakers, and for football it is the Raiders. In the world of sports these two cities are considered "big markets" meaning they have a very large fan base. Both cities have lots of money to spend of their superstars; therefore they both have successful franchises each with their share of championships. Lastly, in major cities there are always activities to get involved with. In New York City there's the Statue of Liberty, museums and restaurants to discover, or even an exciting game of baseball, basketball or football to watch. In Los Angeles there are galleries, the movie industry, and the beach to relax on. In conclusion, these two cities are very far apart from each other, yet still have many similarities and differences based on the topics, location, population, climate, history, and

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