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Farenheit 9/11 English essayFirst of all, Micheal Moore's documentary hits very hard at George W. Bush on him being lazy as a president. He spended alot of his first years as the president on playing golf or other types of vacations. But ofcourse after the incident with the two towers at 9/11, the 2nd article (Farenheit' 9/11 turns up the heat) commented on Bush's reaction when he got informed about the attack. He didnt even reacted that well, he was just sitting there in a classroom, at a elementary school and just starring like if he was just in his own little world. The quote from the 2nd article about Bush's reation to the news:”An aide whispers to him news of the plane crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The look on Bush's face is stunned, as any person's would be. A clock ticks away. The president looks as though he'll never get up from that seat. The minutes tick by.” the article made it seems like Bush didnt knew what to do. And that footage of Bush's reaction, made some conspiracy theories about the attack on the twin towers were planned, because why would the president not react when his nation are under attack from terrorists? The 2nd article comments on Bush's close relationship with the saudis, the bin ladens. On the 5th column, on the 2nd article which says that after the 9/11 attacks all flights in the whole nation was cancelled. But then again relatives from the bin ladens got acces to fly from USA back to Saudi Arabia. That sounds like a really odd idea from a policeman(in the documentary after the relatives flew back home), who wanted to investigate them and so on. Maybe it was because of Bush's close relationship to the Bin ladens which invested alot of money in the Bush family. Now Bush was set to attack the terrorists, in Afghanistan. But why did he go for Iraq then? He then claimed that Iraq had nuclear weapons and a

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