The Clan of One-Breasted Women by Terry Tempest Williams

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The Clan of One- Breasted Women by Terry Tempest Williams "The Clan of One- Breasted Women" is an essay written by Terry Tempest Williams. The author begins developing her essay by telling the readers that she is a Mormon and belongs to the Clan of One- Breasted Women. Early in the speech, the author begins her essay by telling the readers how many people in her family suffer with cancer. Williams says, “My mother, my grandmothers, and six aunts have all had mastectomies. Seven are dead. The two who survive have just completed rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.” (891) The author criticizes the United States government for causes and effect that nuclear testing has on humans. She questions herself about National Security vs. Individual life. The author reveals that one day she remembered talking to her dad while they were in the car. She said she remembered she saw a bright light in the middle of the desert. At the beginning she thought she was dreaming, but then she realized it was not a dream. This was actually the results of a nuclear testing in Nevada. After that she figured out why so many people in Utah, including her family were found with cancer. The author tells the readers what situation took place from January 27, 1951 through July 11, 1962. It was a well known story in the Desert West, “The Day we Bombed Utah,” these were the years that atomic testing happened in Nevada. The author explains how much has been written about “American nuclear tragedy.” “Public health was secondary to national security.” (892) Williams explains how many people tried to make some protests to the United States government telling them to stop nuclear testing, but all these attempts failed. The United States said that the nuclear testing or radiation was not the cause why so many women were getting breast cancer. “We find no basis for concluding that harm

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