Engineering's Major Role

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Engineering Essay Engineering plays a major role in my everyday life whether it being something small such as a toothbrush or something large as a car, it is a requirement to live in today’s world. On my average school day, the day would not function properly without engineering as it is needed for me to be successful throughout the day. From the beginning of the school day to the end, engineering provides major functions such as being able to wake up on time in the morning, to getting to school by transportation, and having the proper tools in school to use to get an education and without it then my everyday would be a nightmare! Every Monday, school starts back from the weekend and waking up on time is critical especially after a long 2 day break and if woken up late then my school day would start in failure. A major invention due to engineering that I use at the beginning of my school day is the alarm clock. An alarm clock is very important for me as it wakes me up on time everyday! Every morning at around 6 AM, the singificant piece of engineering goes off with an alarming sound that catches my attention to wake me from my deep sleep. Without this device, I would end up sleeping in late, missing school, and in result being un-successful in getting an education. If engineering wasn’t possible, then my school day wouldn’t be as well. The alarm clock plays a major role on my average school day and it is needed for me to be successful in my everyday life. Transportation plays a major component in my school day thanks to engineering, and without it then school for me would not be fun. After waking up in the morning, the next major concern is getting to school. Engineering provides transportation for my fellow students and I which can either be bus, or by car which is how I get to there. For example, without a type of transportation, I would have to walk to

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