Energy Efficient Fan Essay

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Research Plan A. Writing a Statement of the problem This study is aimed to construct an electric fan where it can charge its own battery while it’s working. The device is made out of used materials such as 12 volts motor, 12 volt battery, fan blade, conducting wires, diode and 24 volt generator. Moreover the energy efficient fan is proposed to construct to determine the functionality and effectiveness of the device in producing wind while charging its own battery against the commercially available one which is not self-generating. This charger can be used to charge our electronics products such as laptops, cell phones, iPods and etc... B. Detailed description of the methods and procedure to be used In building the energy efficient fan and ensuring its improved version, selection of materials Is of primary concern together with other tools and equipment needed for its construction. The materials for the physical features of the device are the metal frames, fan blade and adjustable guide which will be measured accordingly. Afterwards testing and checking of motor, wires and generator spare parts of used appliances. In order to do this, the multi-tester will be used to check if the materials can be used as the components of the device. The metal base of the device will be constructed first by using welding machine. Research Plan A. Questions or Problem being addressed The general problem of the study is “How cans an electric fan able to be self- sustaining while producing its air?” Specifically the study seeks to answers the following questions. 1. What are the different features of the energy efficient fan? 2. Is the speed of the fan blade consistent? 3. How efficient is the energy efficient fan? 4. Is there any significance difference between the voltage output, wind speed of the

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