Employee Portfolio Motivation Action Plan

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Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan xxxxxxxxxxx MGT311 September 24, xxxx xxxxxxxx Abstract The purpose of this summary is to discuss the methods that can be used to motivate three employees. Leigh McBride, Michael Turner, and Kim Graison are three different employees with different needs and we will be able to see the different ways that people can be motivated. Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan Determining the motivational strategy or strategies that would be appropriate for three different employees can be a difficult task. Fortunately we have assessments that can be used in order to help in the development of these plans. With the use of the six assessments given to three employees, a plan can be put into place to assist in keeping them motivated and increasing the quality of their work. Leigh Leigh is considered to be hard working, willing and eager to learn new things in the company, enthusiastic, and highly emotional. Whether it is volunteering for a project or helping another co-worker you can always depend on her. She has been known to be a little emotional but for the most part, she has been able to control her emotions. In order to keep her motivated and engaged, she needs to be able to remain busy helping others or working on projects with other groups. This would allow her to be able to learn other aspects of the business. Something else that would be used to keep Leigh motivated is getting her input more on new policies or improving old ones that we currently have. The motivational theories that come into play with Leigh would be McGregor’s Theory Y and Herzberg’s two-factor theory. With Theory Y, we are able to use Leigh being self-directed and enjoying work to help continue to motivate her. Michael Trying to motivate Michael and keep him motivated is going to be somewhat of a challenge. When he is engaged, he is

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