Elsie Chapman Chapter Summaries

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Chapter Summaries Dualed By Elsie Chapman Chapter 1: The main characters Luc, Chord, and West are introduced. Luc is West’s brother and Chords is their friend. The chapter is set with Luc and West go to have dinner and meet up with Chord. As they are having dinner together, Chord has been assigned. This means he and his alt (other boy who looks the same as him) have had their numbers activated, and must go and find each other and kill each other. The stronger one wins, which means he is the most worthy alt and lives. Every citizen has an alt created at birth and must get assigned befor they are 20. They immediately go and travel to Chord’s Alt’s house together. Chord sneaks in with Luc while West stays in the car. Chord hold his alt with…show more content…
She meets dire and tells him that she wants to become a striker. He is against this because she is not a complete and hasn’t killed her own alt yet which means she has no experience. They have never had a striker who has not been a complete yet. He finally decides to give her a chance since Baer sent her to him (and he respects Baer’s decisions). He gives her a mission and tells her that if she succeeds, she will officially be a striker. West goes to the alt’s house and waits. She finally sees the other girl on the street and throws a knife at her which kills her. She panics and runs away, leaving the corps to lay there. She decides to tell herself that with each strike, she won’t be killing someone as much as she’ll be letting someone else live. She will be saving someone’s life. Chapter 4: In this chapter, a man comes to West’s house and delivers the news that she has been assigned her alt. They have one month for one of them to get killed by the other. If neither of them prove they’re worthiness, the board kills them both. Chord meets her at her house to help her pack her things to leave immediately. He goes outside her house and waits for her to finish packing her final things. West then decides to sneak out the back door and leave without him because she doesn’t want him to get hurt in her assignment the way Luc got killed in Chord’s assignment. Chapter
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