1984 Big Brother Is Watching You Essay

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“Big Brother is watching you.” “We are dead.” “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.” From the beginning of the book, it portrays an image of a banner that shows a face with a quote on it. “Big Brother is watching you.” From this point, the readers should have known that there is something with this quote. This quote seems like a threat to people, so that they would not revolt against the party because Big Brother knows what they are doing. As the story flows, hidden microphones and telescreens are everywhere in Oceania. Not only are the microphones and the telescreens are the eyes and ears of Big Brother, but also the people are, too. For seven years, Big Brother or the Party has been scrutinizing Winston. This is why Mr. Charrington and O’Brien seem to help Winston to revolt against the Party, so that they can catch Winston. When Winston and Julia thought that they had privacy in Mr. Charrington’s room, such a thing did not exist. Big Brother’s ears were always in the room behind the picture of St. Clements, listening to every conversation between Winston and Julia. Not only does Big Brother see and hear, but he also knows everything, from what he wrote on his diary to what he fears the most. There is no way to escape Big Brother; he is always with you. “We are dead.” Many scenes in the book does Winston talk about death. From chapter one until he stays in prison, Winston mentions that he is dead. The first time he believes that he is dead is when he unconsciously writes “Down with Big Brother.” This shows that sooner or later he will be abolished, annihilated, and to sum it all up vaporized. He also mentions that criminals get shot in the back of the neck whenever and wherever. Furthermore, whenever Winston does something against the Party with or without Julia, the book stats that he is intentionally walking toward his own grave with

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