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El Salvador; a Central American country directly bordered between Guatemala and Honduras, may be small but do not let the size fool you. This country has endured many cultural and military conflicts and although El Salvador is a very small country its vast population has contributed to its many problems in the past and cultural diversity that still exists today. The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador and it is currently under a Republican government. The country is divided into 14 divisions including its capital that are represented in their legislature. The country`s executive branch is lead by President Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena and vice president Salvador Sanchez Ceren. Both leaders were elected and placed into office in 2009…show more content…
This war is known as the El Salvador Civil War between the government and guerrilla forces. In 1932 Augustin Farabundo Marti formed the Central American Socialist Party to support reforms for the peasant and workforce community in El Salvador. Anyone that supported this party and possible reforms were murdered in the La Matanza or “ The Massacre” by the government under General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez which sparked tensions between the government and peasantry in El Salvador that led to the civil war. The war officially began in 1980 between the right wing government of El Salvador and the left wing guerilla forces that formed a party in 1981. This party is known as the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front(FMLN) that was supported my Communist states. The government of El Salvador was supported by the United States in hopes of preventing the spread of Communism in Central America. The U.S. sent supplies to El Salvador to support the government and later in 1990 the United States began to help the government. Two years later in 1992 Peace Accords were signed with the guerilla forces in Chapultepec,Mexico ended the civil war. In a similar fashion, before the civil war El Salvador went in four day conflict with Honduras in 1969. Landowner in Honduras were deporting many El Salvadorans and during a soccer game a fight broke out that was known as the “Football War”…show more content…
Eighty five percent of the population is poor in El Salvador and only have limited access to fresh water and health care. In El Salvador there are still many people that are descendants of the indigenous group of the Pipils that are known as the Nahua Pipils and speak dialects of the original language today . Like past times the women and men still have the same roles in family life. Many women in El Salvador care for the children and the house, but there are many that have jobs and work outside the house. Men work outside the house and on the fields in the agricultural area of El Salvador. Also eighty five percent of El Salvadorans are Roman Catholics but the remaining 15 percent are

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