Effects of More Food and Exercise on My Quality of Life

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Nutritional Assignment #5 Effects of More Food and Exercise On My Quality of Life After graduating high school, I stopped playing soccer. This led me to exercise less, as I had not found an alternative form of exercise. While there were no significant problems to my wellness, I wanted to increase my health benefits and maintain my weight loss. The method I chose to get these results was to first record my initial findings from my labs and then record my calorie intake on a food log to begin and build an exercise regime. After several weeks of implementing this plan, there was a slight improvement in my physical abilities but a significant betterment to my overall feeling of wellness. The general effect of this study was to record and predict aspects of weight, body fat, aerobic fitness, sleep, and wellness to change the outcome in a positive way when a specified plan was implemented. The purpose of lab 1.2 was to identify how well one’s lifestyle compared to the lifestyle recommendation for wellness. Qualitative in-depth logs over a 10-week period with ones initial lifestyle scores and using those results to identify possible targets for a health behavior change program. Three interrelated daily lifestyle behavioral principles that explain areas that needed addressing for change were identified: emotional health, safety, and disease prevention. The identified target components for a better lifestyle were used to improve the current behaviors by implementing strategies that helped me improve. Upon taking the initial lifestyle evaluation, my current lifestyle compared well with the lifestyle one recommended for wellness. My scores in nutrition, tobacco use, and alcohol and drugs between nine and ten indicated that I was aware of the importance of my health as well as using my knowledge to implement them in my current lifestyle. The one dimension of

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