Effects Of Halloween On Children Essay

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From a very young age, children are taught to believe many things. Throughout America, our children have been conditioned to know that monsters are not real. They of course may still have their fears, but parents quickly do their best to discontinue those ideas. Yet these creatures/monsters still appear everywhere, including children’s books, popular television shows and movies for children, and in video games that these children engage in. But most importantly, once a year in October, while celebrating Halloween, these creatures leave a prominent mark on these children. Or do they? As the leaves start falling off the trees, the weather starts to get colder, and October rolls around, the mind of children everywhere in America changes a little. They are preparing to transform themselves into something they have been taught is not real, in the form of a superhero, or maybe a character from a book or movie, or maybe even a creature that is completely make believe. Whatever the disguise they choose to be for Halloween, does it confuse them to become something that they have been taught for their whole lives is not real? Personally, I believe it does not confuse them at all. The reason why is simple. Halloween is filled with contradictions for children. However they know for this one day, they can go against these things in the “spirit” of Halloween without being confused or without contradicting their parents. These contradictions include but are not limited to such things as creatures/monsters are not real. This of course is the most popular one because most of us think of Halloween as a time to dress up and go get candy. Most of our costumes are scary, creatures and figures which are not real except in the world of fiction, such as movies, television, and our imaginations. Another contradiction is children should not speak to strangers. We go from door to door and

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