Unrealistic Expectation of Television

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Unrealistic expectations of Television People of all ages watch television whether they are children trying to keep themselves occupied, teenagers enjoying watching television series, or adults observing news or sports, however, most children by watching television cartoons, wrestling shows, or even movies would tend to grasp unrealistic expectations in so many ways. Cartoons are the most beloved programs to watch in a child’s life. It is a universal language for all children in the world that they seem to understand without the need of any translation. For example, “Batman” is about a person whose parents were killed by a burglar, so his objective in life became to avenge his parents’ death by fighting the “evil” in our world. The unrealistic expectations related to this cartoon that builds up in the children’s mind is they would believe that there exist in real life individuals who are powerful as Batman, and by wearing his clothes and imitating his acts the children would be able to fly and be powerful humans. By doing this, children would get injured and some might die, and all this could happen due to the unrealistic expectations of what they see in cartoons. Moreover, by watching Batman this will ignite in their thoughts that the police are powerless and incapable individuals to protect the society from criminals, so they will think about the need to count on themselves in order to protect their beloved people. Movies as a great source of entertainment to children ignite many unrealistic expectations to a child’s mind. For example “Men in Black” is a movie that is related to an underground organization that has some types of advanced technological equipment that enable this organization to travel back in time to get rid of unwanted and undercover aliens and monsters. This type of movies builds up in the children’s mind unrealistic believes that such

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