Effective Treatments for Children with Adhd

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Children with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, will face many obstacles in their lives. The characteristics of the disorder effect their every day lives to such a degree that they will have a difficult time in overall success. They will experience hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity. The situations and conditions cause such great conflict between the children, families, and teachers that the conditions need careful evaluation for proper treatment. Over the past few years much question has arose about the proper diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD. Many times children without ADHD have been treated for experiencing the same characteristics of a child with ADHD even though not to the same degree. The decision to treat medically is an ethical decision as well as medical. The treatment for ADHD is most often psychotropic drugs like Ritalin, Adderal, and Concerta. These drugs are effective for ADHD, but it has been prescribed for more children than was predicted to even be diagnosed. This poses a problem. Before children are properly treated for ADHD, they need to have the right series of tests performed for suitable diagnosis. This would prevent the overdiagnosis and treatment of children without ADHD. It is not the intent to be treating the Terrible Twos. There are more effective treatments to be considered beyond medication. Most of which should be considered first. Medication alone is not adequate treatment for ADHD. Children need proper structure, discipline, and consistency to allow for the best method of controlling the characteristics of the disorder. Some of the other options include psychotherapy, hollistic medicine, classroom and home management, and the use of technology based tools. Psychotherapy is an important tool in the treatment of ADHD. This allows children to learn self control and coping methods for self

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