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Chemistry chapter 6.3 1) a. Cation b. Electrostatic forces 2) Ionic bond between metal and oxygen, the metals conduct electricity in a solid state using delocalised electrons. They are coated with a special kind of plastic e.g. Copper. 3) When they contain 8 valance electrons. 4) When naming an ionic compound, which ion is given first? The metal ion is named first 5) Give explanations for the following: a. Argon will not react with any other element It already has a complete number of eight, a full number in its valance shell so it cannot react with itself or another element b. The reaction between sodium chloride gives out a lot of heat and light. The chemical energy of the product is less then the chemical energy of the reactants. This energy is indestructible and is converted to light and heat. c. If you accidentally spill sodium chloride into a stove while cooking, it does not melt It is an ionic compound and the forces attract between the positive and negative ions, I ionic compounds they have a strong ionic bond and it takes a lot of energy to break. A high can only melt the table salt. 6) a. Which pairs will react from an ionic compound? Chlorine and oxygen Nitrogen and Lithium b. Which pairs will react from a molecular compound? Flour nine and Argon c. Which pairs will not react to form a compound? Aluminium and potassium 7) A certain particle was found to contain sixteen protons and eighteen electrons. a. What element must it be? State your reasoning A sulphur ion because it has 16 protons and 16 neutrons, it needs two extra electrons to become and ion. b. Is the particle neutral, positively charged or negatively charged? An aqueous solution, neutral S 2- c. What is the formula of the particle? Justify your answer. 8) When the uncharged atoms of potassium loose an electron, they then

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