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1 SECTION A (Multiple-choice questions) * * * * 1 Answer all questions. For each question there are FOUR possible answers, A, B, C and D. Choose the one you consider correct and mark your choice in SOFT pencil on the separate answer sheet. If you want to change an answer, thoroughly erase the one you wish to delete. The particles in a solid can best be described as A B C D 2 they they they they are at rest. are in fix positions. move randomly about. vibrate about fixed positions. After a swim the wet skin feels cold. This can best be explained by water molecules A B C D 3 absorbing energy from the body to evaporate. absorbing energy from the surrounding air. releasing energy when they evaporate. releasing energy to the surrounding air. Which are the correct symbols for bromine, silver and tin? brom ine tin A B S T B B Ag T C Br S Sn D 4 si l ve r Br Ag Sn Use the attached Periodic Table Chart to choose the arrangement that shows elements from Group III in order of increasing mass. A B C D Aluminium, boron, gallium, indium. Boron, aluminium, gallium, indium. Gallium, indium, aluminium, boron. Indium, gallium, aluminium, boron. JSC 2006, Physical Science [Turn over 2 5 The combination of protons, neutrons and electrons for a neutral atom of magnesium, 24 Mg, is: protons electrons A 10 14 11 B 11 13 12 C 12 12 12 D 6 neutrons 12 12 10 Which structure represents an atom of the noble gas in the first period. e e e pn np np pn n np p e e e e e e A 7 e e e pnn pnn npp e B C e e e D A mixture containing a soluble salt, sand and iron filings, can be separated into its components using techniques: R: use of

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