Ecommerce vs Normal Commerce Essay

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E-Commerce Versus Normal Commerce Angel L McKenzie Grantham University Abstract Commerce began as the standard “brick and mortar” store where customers would visit local stores and businesses to make purchases. Commerce has since expanded to reach people from all over the world via the internet. E-Commerce has opened the door to so many businesses and expanded the reach of businesses to customers all over the world. With the expansion of e-commerce it makes me wonder what commerce method is truly better. Is the normal commerce superior or is e-commerce better? Personal opinion tells me that while e-commerce is more convenient the actual act of visiting local stores to decide what to buy will always beat it out. Keywords: E-commerce, Commerce Commerce is the exchange of goods or commodities between two parties. (Van Ketel & Nelson, 2000) E-commerce is commerce that is enhanced via information technology such as the internet and the world wide web. (Haag & Cummings, 2010) According to the U.S Census Bureau e-commerce has increased its revenue by 14.9% over the last year; bringing in $165 million dollars in 2010. (Calanog, 2011) When comparing the increase in e-commerce compared to standard retail it has increased from 0.6% to 4.3% over 10 years. (Calanog, 2011) The figures alone show the impact of e-commerce as well as the popularity among customers. With the expansion of e-commerce companies that were known for their physical stores have went bankrupt and had to revert to e-commerce in efforts to keep their companies afloat. Examples of companies that have shut down physical stores include Blockbuster which has expanded to e-commerce, and Borders which has completely shut down. (Calanog, 2011) While e-commerce brings in revenue the question is what truly makes e-commerce better than normal/standard commerce? E-commerce allows

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