Early Year Educator Essay

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1. Early years educator should excite and motivate the children’s reading. Response: I agree with this statement. Because reading makes a man. As an yearly year educator we have to motivate the children to read books, newspapers, stories etc. Developing the habit of reading in childhood would gains more when they grow up. 2. Text for young learners should be comprehensive, child appropriate and have scope for actively engaging the learners in finally developing their own interactive text. Response: Young learner’s text book should be comprehensive and contain many pictures, simple word games. The format should be simple according to the children’s knowledge. Children feel enthusiastic in doing works in normal way than works involves coloring, counting and writing. I agree with this statement. 3. Early years educator should ensure that the young learners have the play based atmosphere. Response: Children like to play and their attention is shifting. So we cannot teach them long time. If the learning is in play based atmosphere we can change the phases of teaching and also we can get the attention of children. So I agree with this statement too. 4. Early years educators should be open to immense possibilities in teaching multi-literacy in the21st century. Response: Children take different ways in learning because of difference in their intelligence. Teaching multi-literacy can attract some children but some of them hesitate to work because of their lack of attention and intelligence. So, I agree with teaching multi-literacy but it should not be a burden for the children whom varies in intelligence. 5. Your own perception of a 21st century yearly year educator. Response: As an early year educator my own perception is the educators should keep
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