Early Childhood Development Milestones

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Developmental Milestones: Birth to Age Two Unit 5 Rasheda Turner Early Childhood Development (CE114-03) Jill Hurley May 21, 2013 | |Birth to Age 1 |Age 1 to Age 2 | |Physical and Motor |1. Lifts head |1. Points to items | | |Strategy: Place baby on tummy to encourage lifting head |Strategy: Place interesting objects in toddler’s environment | |…show more content…
|Social and Emotional |1.Looks in mirror at reflection |1.Show independence | | |Strategy: |Strategy: | | |Put items with mirror/reflectors at child’s level |Allow child to do things without assistance | | |2.Has favorite toys |2.Plays make believe | | |Strategy: |Strategy: | | |Buy more than one of toys of interest |Buy children toys that are like household items | | |3.Can sooth himself briefly |3.Indicates nervousness and fear
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