Developmental Milestone Essay

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Developmental Milestones: Birth to Age Two Unit 5 CE114-Early Childhood Development Megan Turner | Birth to Age 1 | Age 1 to Age 2 | Physical and Motor | 1. Lifts headStrategy: Place baby on tummy to encourage lifting head.2. Spits out foodStrategy: Give the baby some good tasting foods.3. Sit up on their ownStrategy: Place a pillow behind them while they sit up to give their body support. | 1. Points to itemsStrategy: Place interesting objects in toddler’s environment.2. Feeding themselvesStrategy: Instead of feeding them, place their food in front of them and let them feed themselves.3. Dancing to musicStrategy: Play some music for the child | Social and Emotional | 1.Respond when they hear their nameStrategy: Praise them when they have done something good. (‘yayy Sarah’) 2. laughing loudStrategy: Showing the baby funny faces or tickling them.3. Likes to playStrategy: Laying on the floor and playing with the baby. | 1.Scared of strangersStrategy: Provide a safe environment2. Cries when mom/dad leavesStrategy: Bring new people around the child to comfort him/her.3. Repeats actionsStrategy: Saying or doing the same thing over and over in front of the child. | Cognitive and Language | 1.BabblingStrategy: Talking to the baby2. Brings objects to mouthStrategy: Put things out of reach3. Makes sounds to show joyStrategy: keeping the baby happy | 1.Bangs toys togetherStrategy: Encourage child to plays with toys2. Knows what the telephone is and where it’s atStrategy: Ask the child to go get the phone 3. Points to pictures in booksStrategy: Teach the child to identify things | Behavior | 1.Crying when boredStrategy: See if the baby wants to lay down for a nap2. Shows irritationStrategy: Try seeing if the baby diaper needs changing.3. Starts sucking on fingers.Strategy: Try feeding the baby | 1.Throws temper tantrumsStrategy: Taking away objects
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