Early Childhood Autobiography

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L. Rowton My Early Childhood Education Autobiography I definitely agree that the degree of exposure that a child has to education while growing up has a huge impact on views one has later in life regarding early childhood education. For example, people such as parents, older siblings, teachers, babysitters, daycare providers, etc. can all provide different learning experiences for the child. Being around other children can also provide extremely valuable experiences for a child, as far as learning goes, and influencing social behavior as well. A child who does not have positive experiences with their early childhood education may suffer both academically and socially later on in life, lacking the proper groundwork toward a good, solid education, I believe it it extremely important to instill a positive outlook in a child regarding education and learning in general. It’s so vital that a child be exposed to various learning experiences in order to grow as both a person, future student, and finally (hopefully) a successful adult. That being said, I would now like to discuss my own personal experience with my own early childhood education, from as far back as I can remember: As a child, I grew up with a set of wonderful parents, whom have always been extremely supportive towards me in every aspect of my life. I have an older half-brother and half-sister from my dad’s previous marriage, and they would visit on the weekends, which I loved. My dad worked as a director in the field of market research, and my mom, who had previously worked in a medical office, stayed home the first six or so years of my life. I do believe that I was blessed in the area of learning. My mom had a way of making everything a learning experience for me. She would encourage my imagination and my curiosity, and I remember going so many places with her. Even as a toddler, I
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