Dynacorp Case Study Summary

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DynaCorp is a major leader in the ITC domain with a large customer base providing value added service and solutions to its clients and customers. Dynacorp has offices located all over the globe, Europe, Asia and Latin America to name a few. DynaCorp is currently undergoing an organizational crisis. As per feedback got from its own employees, the issues currently being faced are that new products were being developed at a very slow pace and the cost associated with them were way too high. There was a lack of proper supply -chain command. Unlike earlier, when DynaCorp was smaller, the manufacturing and engineering teams worked in symphony and harmony with each other. Now due to offices being separated across geographies there is a lack of communication between these teams. Another aspect is that new ideas were not reflected anywhere. This is due to the many layers of the organization. Another point to note was that the Project Managers were not experienced enough.…show more content…
This hybrid model will be a combination of the Front-Back end and the product division structure. According to this model, the manufacturing would take place at the cheapest location and then each geographic location will have its own engineering team and sales team, based on what division is being catered to in that region. This way, Dynacorp will comply with the rules and regulations needed by its products in different geographic locations. Another feature to be added into this model is that of an intermediate set of people called as Business Analysts. They will reside between the Front and Back end, thus making it easier for the front and back end to work by coordinating the activities and understanding the business needs for each

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